Ancient Grains

What are ancient grains?

Ancient grains are unlike any other food out there. Not only are they nutrient-rich, naturally gluten-free and wildly versatile—seriously, there’s not much you can’t do with these guys—but they’re also 100% whole grain and 100% deliciously satisfying. Sometimes called heritage or heirloom grains, ancient grains date back thousands of years and have remained practically unchanged since their origin.

Perfect for folks looking for healthier meal options (Meatless Mondays, anyone?), and especially vegetarians, flexitarians and those living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, ancient grains provide a stellar source of plant-based protein. They also boast fiber, phytonutrients and many vitamins and minerals. Studies even show that ancient whole grains may be associated with certain health benefits, including weight maintenance and reductions in type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and some forms of cancer.