Our History

At Ancient Harvest, we’ve been cooking up modern versions of ancient foods since 1983.

Ancient Harvest™ Difference

In our kitchen, ancient never gets old. Our products take time-tested, plant-based, nutrient-dense ingredients and turn them into delicious, real foods that are ready for real life. How’s that for teaching ancient foods new tricks?

A Pioneering Spirit

It all started in 1983 when we became the first company to bring an interesting “new” grain called quinoa to the United States. We instantly fell in love with the versatility and timelessness of this plant-based powerhouse, and began our commitment to sourcing the highest quality quinoa and supporting the farmers who grow.

Bring Ancient Goodness to Your Table

As we’ve grown, ancient greats like quinoa, pulses, and nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients remain the foundation of everything we create. Now, you can serve up delicious, nutrient-dense meals from Ancient Harvest every day of the week with our organic Quinoa, Gluten Free Pasta, ready-to-heat Polenta, Quinoa Flakes, Plant-Based Protein Pasta line and more.

Whether you’re looking for delicious plant-based foods, a company that’s founded in integrity, or a community of people who are working to change the way the world thinks about food, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Ancient Harvest family.