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  • How is Ancient Harvest different from other quinoa brands?

    First off, we were the first brand to bring quinoa to the United States back in 1983. Second, we’re committed to the ethical sourcing of organic, sustainably harvested Royal Bolivian quinoa—we continuously invest in our valued, long-term relationships with the same farmers we’ve worked with from the start. And last, we never stop innovating, so you can trust Ancient Harvest to deliver the most unique, high-quality quinoa and ancient grain products available anywhere.

  • Where is Ancient Harvest quinoa grown?

    When it comes to quinoa, it doesn’t get much better than Bolivia. The country’s high Andean Southern Altiplano region features low rainfall, high altitude (12,000 feet), hot sun, subfreezing temperatures and thin, cold air—all ideal conditions for this gluten-free ancient grain.

  • Are Ancient Harvest products gluten-free?

    Yes. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, as are all other Ancient Harvest ingredients. We produce and pack all of our products in accordance with gluten-free standards, and all of our pastas are certified gluten-free and produced in gluten-free facilities. Interesting tidbit: even though quinoa is considered a grain, it’s not actually a member of the grass family. In fact, quinoa is often referred to as a pseudo-cereal because its seeds can be milled into flour and used like a cereal crop.

  • Are all ancient grains gluten-free?

    No. Of the nine ancient grains, six do not contain gluten. The gluten-free ancient grains include quinoa, amaranth, millet, teff, chia and sorghum. The gluten-containing ancient grains include farro, kamut and spelt. Quinoa, chia and amaranth are considered pseudo-cereals, which means they are seeds, not grasses, and that they’re often milled into flour like a traditional cereal crop.

  • Which ancient grains are used in Ancient Harvest products?

    Our current product line uses quinoa in every product, as well as millet and amaranth in our Culinary Ancient Grains blends. But that doesn’t mean more variety isn’t in our future. Ancient Harvest is always looking for new ways to integrate new flavors and ingredients, so keep an eye out for future tasty innovations. “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to always stay on top of what’s new from Ancient Harvest.

  • Are Ancient Harvest products organic?

    Yes. All Ancient Harvest products are USDA-certified organic and third-party certified organic by the National Organics Program (NOP) through Quality Assurance International (QAI).

  • Are Ancient Harvest products kosher?

    Some are, some aren’t. Most Ancient Harvest products have a full Star-K kosher certification, but due to the inclusion of dairy, our four Supergrain Mac & Cheeses, as well as our Butter and Parmesan Culinary Ancient Grains product are not kosher.

  • Do Ancient Harvest products have genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

    No. All Ancient Harvest products are non-GMO. In order to maintain our organic certifications, genetically modified ingredients are strictly prohibited, including the corn we source for our corn-quinoa blended pastas. Being non-GMO is just one more way we’re making food that’s good for you and good to the environment.

  • What is Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pasta® made from?

    Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pasta® products, including our organic mac and cheese varieties, include a proprietary blend of organic, non-GMO corn flour and quinoa flour. We’ve perfected this combination to create delicious gluten-free noodles that offer the same taste and texture of traditional pasta. Think you can tell the gluten’s gone? We can’t wait to surprise you. Give our gluten-free pastas a try.

  • Are Ancient Harvest products vegan?

    You can count on Ancient Harvest to provide nutritious, satisfying options for any and every lifestyle, including vegan diets. All of our pastas, grains, flours, flakes and polentas are suitable for vegans, and our macaroni and cheese products use plant-based enzymes making them suitable for lacto-vegetarians.

  • Where can I buy Ancient Harvest products?

    To everyone wondering where to buy quinoa: you’re probably closer than you think. Ancient Harvest products are available in natural food stores and mainstream supermarkets across the country, and our distribution continues to expand. Find a retailer near you by using our store locator or browse and buy our quinoa products online.

  • Do I have to rinse or soak Ancient Harvest Quinoa or Quinoa Flour before eating it? 

    No. We take care of the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy these awesome organic grains. All Ancient Harvest products are thoroughly washed prior to packaging, and we ensure that our cleaning process never harms the nutritional integrity of the quinoa seeds.

  • How do you make your Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes? 

    Unfortunately, our lips are sealed on this one. The flaking process used by our exclusive processor is a patented trade secret, but what we can tell you is that it’s fully certified organic and kosher.