4 Tips For Plant-Powered Eating


Eating plant-powered (which means relying mostly on plants, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains for complete nutrition) may lead to a variety of health benefits, is much kinder to Mother Earth–and, thanks to these tips for eating plant-powered, it’s easier than ever.

1) Hack Your Favorite Foods  

Familiar foods such as tacos, burritos, sandwiches and pastas are easy to make plant-powered by swapping out any meat for meat-free alternatives or grilled veggies (try Portobello mushrooms, which have a hearty taste and texture). Upgrade your pastas with high-protein versions like Ancient Harvest Bean and Lentil Supergrain Pastaor Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese.

2) Explore New Ingredients

Dont be afraid to try new things! Transitioning to eating more plant-powered foods offers a great opportunity to seek outand fall in love withnew vegetables, whole grains, spices and condiments you may not already be familiar with.

3)  Listen to Your Body
Protein, calcium, iron, Omega-3s
these are vital nutrients that people pay attention to when eating plant foods. Use our Power Up on Nutrients graphics to familiarize yourself with plant-powered sources of these nutrients (of which there are manyand theyre delicious!) and also on the possible signs of a deficiency.

4) Indulge a Little!
Craving your favorite guilty pleasure? Seek out plant-powered alternatives to your favorite treats and desserts. Plant-powered snacks and baked goods are pretty easy to find (or even make yourself) these days, and are good to have on hand for when a craving hits.

Looking for more easy tips and tricks to get more plants onto your plate? Download the Ancient Harvest Guide to Plant-Powered Eating (it’s free!) today.