5 Cardio Game-Changers

5 Cardio Game-Changers

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with cardio. On one hand, it’s good for your heart, can be a great way to de-stress, it’s energizing and freeing. On the other—it can start to feel tedious and dull. Monotonous running routes. Yoga classes with the same 26 poses. Even going all-out, all the time during HIIT workouts can get tiresome. The best way to break through the boredom is as simple as shaking up your routine. This month, commit to trying a new way to get your cardio in every week.

Of course, you’ll need to fuel up after you work out, and we have you covered with delicious, nutritious, protein-packed recipes for every day of the week.

1. Swimming*. One of the most challenging workouts on the planet, swimming tests your arm, core and leg strength all at once. 

2. Dance Aerobics*. Unleash your inner Richard Simmons and sign up for a class at your gym. It’s fun, heart-pumping and always high-energy.

3. Racket Sports*. These sports are no joke. Grab some goggles, a racket and a friend for a fun-filled hour whacking a ball around and burning a serious amount of calories.

4. Barre. Based on ballet techniques and form, this new workout is catching fire all across the country. The burning and shaking is real, guys.

5. Rowing. Most gyms are equipped with rowing machines, which offer an awesome way to torch a ton of calories and get a sculpted, strong back. But before you hop on, do your research—form really matters for this one.

6. Jump Rope. No longer just a playground toy, jump ropes are intense and challenging workout tools. Ten minutes is about equivalent to a half hour of running, but way more fun.

*And if you need more motivation, this study concluded aerobics, swimming and racket sports are among the best exercises for a healthy heart – we’re sold!