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Ancient Harvest™ products are available online and retailers across the country. Check out our store finder for where to find Ancient Harvest near you.
Yes! We produce and pack all of our products in accordance with FDA gluten-free standards.
Ancient Harvest products are not made with GMO ingredients. We believe you have a right to know what is – and isn’t – in your food, and we’re doing our part by enrolling in the Non-GMO Project. Thirty of our Ancient Harvest and POW! products are already Non-GMO Project verified, and we’re continually enrolling other products in our portfolio. For products that are already certified, look for the butterfly logo on packaging.
You can count on Ancient Harvest to provide nutritious, satisfying options for any and every lifestyle, including vegan diets. All of our products are great for those on a vegan diet, with the exception of: Supergrain Mac & Cheese™ , POW! Mac & Cheese products and the POW! Pasta Meals Italiano, which contain dairy, and our Honey Vanilla Spice Instant Ancient Grains Hot Cereal as it contains honey.We do share some facilities with dairy products, which come to us already packaged in most cases. There is little to no risk of cross contamination.
Most Ancient Harvest™ products are Star-K kosher certifed. However, due to the inclusion of dairy in our SUpergrain® Mac & Cheese, POW! Mac & Cheese and POW! Pasta Meals Italiano, these products are not kosher. When in doubt, always look for the symbol on the package.
No. We take care of the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy awesome ancient grains! All Ancient Harvest products are thoroughly washed prior to packaging, and we ensure that our cleaning process never harms the nutritional integrity of the quinoa seeds.
Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health, hence the name “essential.” Your body can’t produce these nutrients itself, so you have to get them frequently through food.
We decided it was time for a fresh look -- and a new name to go with it – that would better represent the powerful nutrition you’re getting in every box. We’ve simply repackaged our popular bean, lentil & quinoa pastas as POW! pastas so they’ll stand out on shelf and be easier for you to find!
It was the right time for us to give Ancient Harvest a fresh look that maintains our signature teal color. The farm field pattern brings our heritage and continued partnership with farming communities front and center. The package is cleaner, beautiful and the product benefits are easier to find. We also wanted to bring you better visibility into what you’re getting with bigger windows and new, great-tasting recipes. But don’t worry, we still have the same great taste and quality that you expect from Ancient Harvest. We hope you love the new packaging as much as we do!
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