We’re here to help answer your questions about our delicious line of products.

Ancient Harvest™ products are available online and retailers across the country. Check out our store finder for where to find Ancient Harvest near you.
All Ancient Harvest™ products are made in the United States and Italy.
Yes! We produce and pack all of our products in accordance with FDA gluten-free standards.
Our products are not made with GMO ingredients.  We believe you have a right to know what is – and isn’t – in your food, and we’re doing our part by enrolling in the non-GMO Project.  All of our products are verified by the non-GMO project.  Check the package for the butterfly logo.
You can count on Ancient Harvest to provide nutritious, satisfying options for any and every lifestyle, including vegan diets. All of our products are great for those on a vegan diet with the exception of our Supergrain® Mac & Cheese and POW! ® Mac & Cheese which contain dairy (cheese packet).  Some of our facilities have dairy in them, but it comes already packaged in most cases.  There is very little risk of cross-contamination.
Most Ancient HarvestTM products are Star-K kosher certified. However Supergrain® Mac & Cheese, POW! ® Mac & Cheese, and Microwavable Heat-and-Eat Quinoas are not kosher.  When in doubt, look for the kosher symbol on the package.
No. Unlike most other brands, we take care of the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy this nutritious, ancient seed.  We ensure that our cleaning process never harms the nutritional integrity of our quinoa.
Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health, hence the name “essential.” Your body can’t produce these nutrients itself, so you have to get them frequently through food.
All of our products should be kept in a cool and dry place – not next to or above the stove.  Once opened, our uncooked quinoa and dry pasta can be kept in their original package or an airtight container.  Leftovers of our polenta and microwavable quinoa should be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to three days.
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