Ancient Harvest Celebrates 40th Anniversary.


GOLDEN, CO - (April 26th, 2023): First Company to Bring Quinoa to the United States Reaches Iconic Milestone. Ancient Harvest, the first company to bring quinoa to the U.S. in 1983, is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. The market pioneer, first to introduce the now-popular grain to American diets four decades ago, has a long history of other industry-changing landmarks. In addition to quinoa, Ancient Harvest was the first brand to develop and market gluten-free alternatives to wheat-based pasta, including gluten-free Corn, Rice and Quinoa pasta and plant-based protein options. Today, Ancient Harvest offers a range of top-selling quinoa favorites and has played a paramount role in creating and driving the quinoa market.

“We were first believers in the power and potential of quinoa and all it had to offer, and have spent four decades sharing its incredible taste, versatility and nutrition with consumers around the country.” added John Becker, CEO of Quinoa Corporation.

Ancient Harvest boasts over 60,000 distribution points, including Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Albertson/Safeway and Publix as well as regional grocery and natural chain retailers around the country, including online retailers such as Amazon. In addition to its quinoa, Ancient Harvest products span more than eight different categories today. It encompasses quinoa flakes, polenta, and ready-to-heat quinoa, as well as its suite of delicious pasta options. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability, including efforts to benefit quinoa farmers, reduce water use and emissions, forward sustainable organic farming practices, and other initiatives.

Top-selling products from Ancient Harvest include its Organic Traditional Quinoa, Gluten Free Pasta and Traditional Italian Polenta. For more information, visit www.ancientharvest.com.


About Ancient Harvest
Ancient Harvest was the first company to bring quinoa to the U.S. in 1983, helping establish it as one of the country's premier superfoods. Today the company's portfolio spans a wide range of organic, non-GMO, plant-based foods including multiple varieties of quinoa, pasta and polenta – all made from gluten-free 'power' ingredients ranging from quinoa to corn and lentils. For more information, visit www.ancientharvest.com