Ancient Harvest Organic Inca Red Quinoa Wins 2014 Clean Choice Award!

red quinoa 2

Here at Ancient Harvest, we have created a wide variety of delicious, gluten-free and organic products to suit all tastes. And while we certainly don’t do it for the awards, we love when our products receive recognition for being just as good for you as they are good to eat!

Clean Eating Magazine’s 2014 Clean Choice Awards feature a fantastic lineup of nutritious and delicious foods, as well as cleaner household products. From snacks to sweeteners to breakfast items, the brands honored here are truly impressive. We’re so proud and delighted that our very own Ancient Harvest Organic Inca Red Quinoa was included in the list of award recipients (under Pantry Staples.)

There are many reasons to love our Inca Red Quinoa. It’s a wonderful source of protein and dietary fiber, it’s easy to prepare and surprisingly versatile (it can be added to salads or soups, or served as an alternative to rice or other side dish) and the vibrant red color is just plain fun.

For recipe ideas and ways to serve our award-winning Inca Red Quinoa, check out Ancient Harvest’s Pinterest page – as well as this fantastic article by FOOD52: “1 Bag of Red Quinoa, 5 Dinners.”

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Of course, you will also want to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Clean Eating (available at your local newsstand) to see the full lineup of award-winning products.