Gluten-Free Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Gluten-Free Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Created by Alessia Filetti Submitted via Ancient Harvest & Clean Eating’s Modern Meal Makeover Recipe Contest Gluten-Free Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a twist on the traditional alla carbonara. This gluten-free dish features Ancient Harvest and is packed with flavor.

Prep Time: 10
Total Time: 20


  • 1 box of Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Pasta Spaghetti
  • 2 fresh eggs yolks
  • 1 cup cubed pancetta
  • ¼ cup chopped white or yellow onion
  • ½ cup grated Pecorino Romano cheese, plus extra to top
  • ¼ cup heavy whipping cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cook the spaghetti to package directions.
  2. While pasta is cooking sauté the pancetta in a dry pan until brown. Add the onion and sauté until translucent, about 5 minutes.
  3. In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, heavy cream, and Pecorino Romano cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Drain the pasta, and add to the pan with pancetta and onion. While on low heat, add the egg and heavy cream mixture.
  5. Toss to coat and remove from heat. The egg will cook from the residual heat.
  6. Serve with extra grated cheese and freshly ground black pepper.
Servings: 4