Quinoa Crusted Polenta Parmesan


The second I saw @plantyou ‘s cauli parm I knew I had to make a polenta gluten free version swapping polenta for cauli & breading in quinoa does the trick and OMG the quinoa crust is SO crunchy.

Photo and recipe created by Elisabeth @zazachef_cook.eat.repeat


1 tube Ancient Harvest Traditional Polenta, cut in ½ inch disc
1 cup Pamela’s All-purpose flour
1 cup oat milk
3 cups Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa, cooked
1 cup tomato sauce
½ bunch fresh basil
1 cup parmesan, grated


Prepare 3 bowls. 1 with the AP flour, the other with the milk, and the last with your cooked quinoa.

Dunk your sliced polenta into the flour, into the plant milk, and then into your cooked quinoa. The quinoa can be a bit hard to have evenly so I would add some with my fingers to make sure it was covered on both sides.

Bake at 425f for 35-40 minutes or until golden.

Once your polenta is golden, spread over some tomato sauce, parmesan, and chopped basil. Enjoy!