Protein Pasta with Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Creamy Sauce

@allroadsleadtohealthy-Creamy Veggie Pasta Dish 2

Enjoy this Veggie Pasta with Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Creamy Sauce Packs recipe by Stacy @allroadsleadtohealthy We used the Ancient Harvest Protein Penne Pasta to make this dish.


1 box Ancient Harvest Protein Penny Pasta
2 tbsp avocado oil
1 bundle of de-stemmed and sliced Brussel sprouts
2-3 chopped cloves of garlic
8oz sliced mushrooms
¼ cup cashew butter
½ water
2-3 tbsp nutritional yeast
Salt and Pepper to taste


Cook one box of Ancient Harvest Protein Penne according to the package instructions.
In the meantime, heat up 2 tbsp avocado oil in a pan over medium-high heat on the stovetop. Add in 1 bundle of de-stemmed and sliced Brussels sprouts, and sauté alone for 5 minutes.
Add in 2-3 chopped cloves of garlic and 8 oz sliced mushrooms. Continue to cook until the Brussels sprouts are browned, and all the veggies are softened (8 to 10 minutes).
Once the pasta is cooked, strain and return the pot to stovetop on medium heat. Add in 1 tsp avocado oil and 1 chopped clove of garlic and cook until golden.
Turn off the heat but keep the pot on the stovetop.
In a small bowl, mix ¼ cup cashew butter and ½ cup of water until it’s smooth and forms a thinner sauce-like consistency. Mix in 2-3 tbsp nutritional yeast depending on how “cheesy” you want the sauce to taste. Season with salt and pepper.
Pour the sauce into the pot with the garlic.
Add the Veggie Penne and sautéed veggies to the pot, and mix well, coating everything with the sauce. Serve, top with red pepper flakes as desired, and enjoy!

Servings: 4