Veggie Quinoa Bowl

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Enjoy this easy, delicious veggie quinoa bowl full of hearty, cruciferous veggies. This dish is versatile and you can use whatever seasonal vegetables you fancy! This dish is a perfect quick, healthy, delicious lunch. This dish is flexible and you can mix and match the dish to have your favorite veggies. Check out this versatile dish veggie quinoa bowl that is easy to whip up for lunch by @fortheloveofgourmet! You can check out her Instagram post here. She used Ancient Harvest Inca Red Quinoa for this dish.


1 cup Inca Red Quinoa
½ cup chopped Brussel sprouts
½ cup broccoli
½ cup carrots
½ cup sweet potato
Olive Oil
Goat cheese crumbles
Sunflower seeds
Balsamic vinaigrette


Cook quinoa according to package directions.

Cut up the vegetables. It can be any of your favorite seasonal veggies. Drizzle olive oil over the veggies and then season with the salt, pepper, and garlic.  Roast for desired time.

Once the quinoa and vegetables are finished, toss together and drizzle balsamic vinaigrette on top.

As a final touch, goat cheese crumbles and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.