Protein Packed Green Power Smoothie

When the alarm goes off in the morning, are you instantly awake or do you find yourself hitting the snooze button on repeat? If it takes a while for your body to get moving in the morning, chances are you’re not getting enough necessary nutrition or eating foods that love you. With plant protein, essential fatty acids, […]

Chocolate and banana quinoa cookies

These are perfect for when you are craving something sweet but don’t want the guilt. Try out these 6 ingredient cookies for an epic dessert! Created by Caitlin over at @caitlin_eats_alot. Check

Quinoa Waffles

These amazing waffles are made with quinoa! If you’re looking for a healthy way to up your nutrition in the morning, try out these quinoa waffles! Created by Jenna over at @jennaliveswell.

Quinoa Salmon Cakes with Salad

Enjoy this Quinoa Salmon Cakes with Salad recipe by We used the new Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa to make this dish.

Quinoa Kale & Veggie Soup

Are you obsessed with soup during the winter seasons? Then this is soup is for you! This soup is full of ingredients you probably already have on hand! This recipe was created by Jenna at @jennaliveswell. Check out her Instagram post here. She used the Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa.

Quinoa Pudding

You ever have rice pudding? Well – let me introduce you to a better version… quinoa pudding! If you want more protein packed grain that keeps you satisfied, try out this dish! This recipe that was created by Grace DelGiudice from @gracemdelaine. It is made with quinoa, coconut milk, a dash of vanilla and cinnamon […]

Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Enjoy this easy, delicious veggie quinoa bowl full of hearty, cruciferous veggies. This dish is versatile and you can use whatever seasonal vegetables you fancy! This dish is a perfect quick, healthy, delicious lunch. This dish is flexible and you can mix and match the dish to have your favorite veggies. Check out this versatile […]

Quinoa Pizza

We used Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa to make this dish.

Quinoa Chili

Enjoy this Vegetarian Chili Recipe by @theveganmomma We used Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa to make this dish.