Simple and Nutritious Switches

simple nutritious switches healthier meal options

It’s a weekday morning and you’re up before the sunrise sipping your coffee and catching up on the news before the kids are up. As the sun begins to peak through, you realize you have to get breakfast started,  and you’re also thinking about what on earth you’re going to make for dinner that night. While your go-to meals may not always be as creative and satisfying as you’d hoped, that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck or ideas when it comes to delicious and flavorful dishes. Although there’s a common misconception that balanced nutrition comes at the cost of time spent, there are simple switches that can be made at every meal to increase the nutrition factor, making you feel a little more like a super-parent.

Pouring a bowl of cereal in the morning may save a couple minutes of preparation when you’re hustling kiddos out the door, but swapping it out for Hot Gluten-Free Cereal that is full of gluten-free rolled oats and generous helpings of hearty quinoa, millet and amaranth will get the day started on the right foot.

Another great switch to keep in mind when making pasta dishes is Bean & Lentil Pastas. With two times the protein and some added fiber, Ancient Harvest Pasta provides your body with more satisfying nutrition than a noodle in its traditional form. Using the Red Lentil Rotelle and adding lemony ricotta, peas and greens, this recipe is a great one to keep in mind for a colorful and nutritious week night meal.

Simplicity does not always have to come at the cost of nutrition, and Ancient Harvest™ products are a great place to start when swapping out traditional ingredients for something with more protein and fiber. Your busy life isn’t slowing down, and neither should you, and these simple switches will keep you energized throughout the day to check everything off your to-do list.