5 Ways to Add a Little POW! Pasta to Your Day

When gloomy winter days need more color. When your overstuffed schedule needs a break. When your mood needs a boost. When your meals need a little extra oomph. That’s when you need some POW! Pasta in your life. Bursting with plant-based protein and full of filling gluten-free quinoa and lentils, Ancient Harvest POW! Pastas are a quick, easy and delicious ways to add a plant-made punch to your meals, refuel and change up your lunch and dinner routine.

Get inspired by these amazing dishes courtesy of our awesome Instagram friends. Share your #POWPunch creations and tag us with @ancientharvest!

1. Check out @annahjamison’s lunchbox skills. This dish with Ancient Harvest POW! Green Lentil Penne and homemade vegan meatballs packs in over 25g of plant-based protein from the noodles alone!

Photo by @@annahjamison

2. Minimalist pasta. That’s how @carrotsandbeans takes their Ancient Harvest POW! Red Lentil Rotini. So, we’ll take some too.

Photo by @@carrotsandbeans

3. A POW! punch lunch if we’ve ever seen one! @ew.fitness packed this bowl with spinach, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, hummus and Ancient Harvest POW! Green Lentil Penne!

Photo by @@ew.fitness

4. Ancient Harvest POW! Pastas make soup season more protein-packed and easier to be gluten-free than ever. @healthynatty whipped up this comfort soup with lots of veggies and Ancient Harvest POW! Red Lentil Rotini.

Photo by @@healthynatty

5. When mac ‘n’ cheese can be packed with protein, you pile on the goodness like @twist_of_lemons. Her delicious version is made with Ancient Harvest POW! Red Lentil Rotini , sundried tomatoes, cashew cheese and spinach. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free and full of plant-based goodness.

Photo by @twist_of_lemons