Revitalize Your Resolution

Right around this time every year, people start to fall off the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon, blaming busy schedules or simply a lack of inspiration as their reason for slumping back into old habits. But whether you’re hoping to run a marathon or simply drink more water every day, to get more protein at every meal or try a new outdoor activity, we’re going to challenge you to make this the year you stick to your goals!

With a few simple tools, you can revitalize your resolution and reset your intentions for the upcoming months:

  1. Remind yourself why you started. Take a few minutes to write down your resolutions and all the reasons you made them in the first place. Oftentimes, this simple reminder is all we need to get a second wind in taking on our goals.
  2. Break down each goal into smaller, more achievable sub-goals. It can start to feel daunting when you’re looking at a list of goals that have, so far, been unachievable! Instead of letting the weight of the list keep you from trying, create reasonable stepping stones to help you start chipping away at the task.
  3. Reward yourself for your success! Maybe you haven’t completed a goal, but the progress you have made deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Celebrate how far you’ve come, and create progress milestones that can be celebrated in the future, making each reward progressively better to keep your eyes on the prize.