A Timeless Tradition Meets the Modern Meal

AHQ-Modernmeal-landingpage-sliderNo matter what or how your family celebrates, you’re undoubtedly feeling the anticipation that the start of a new fall brings: It’s almost holiday season.

As the temperatures drop and inclement weather invites us to spend more time indoors, we feel compelled to make those indoors more welcoming and cozy – not just for ourselves, but for the loved ones we draw around us during the holidays.

At times of gathering and celebration, we return to time-honored recipes – those that have been in our families perhaps for generations. These are the meals that introduce our personal traditions to new friends and family, and also allow return guests to feel right at home. They are familiar, comfortable, authentic and delicious. But as much as we look forward to savoring these annual customs, we also love to explore new flavors and cuisines. Whether it’s reinventing a classic staple or incorporating something entirely new, the holiday table is a place that allows for collaboration, creativity, inclusivity and variety.

In celebration of those values, we introduce to you our version of the Modern Meal: one that features a common base that can be quickly and easily altered to suit a variety of dietary needs and culinary preferences. The modern meal invites your vegetarian sister, gluten-free cousin and lactose-intolerant neighbor to all sit down at the table and share a meal together, without having to worry about dietary restrictions spoiling the fun.

As we enter into the new holiday season, Ancient Harvest will be offering a new variety of seasonal recipes and activities on our website and Facebook page. Our fans and readers can look forward to a new cookbook as well as informative how-to guides and tips for turning classic holiday fare into crowd-pleasing modern meals.

You may also enjoy games and contests like Clean Eating Magazine’s Modern Meal Makeover Gluten-Free Recipe Contest (Be sure to enter to win a year’s worth of Ancient Harvest products!) and vote in our upcoming blogger challenge, wherein some of our favorite food bloggers will be putting a twist on their favorite holiday recipes. You may even be inspired to explore new ingredients and flavors yourself, putting a nutritious spin on the dish you look forward to all year long.

We look forward to celebrating a new holiday season with you all, and sharing with you new ways to rock your modern meals with ancient grains.