Lemon Tahini Salad with Protein Pasta


A delicious twist for your pasta salad! This was created by Jenna at @jennaliveswell. You can check out the recipe here!


1 box of Ancient Harvest Veggie Penne Pasta, cooked
Tomatoes, diced
Roasted Peppers, diced
Roasted Asparagus, cut in 1″
Cucumbers, diced
Any vegetables of your choice

For the tahini sauce/dressing:
1/3 cup tahini
Juice from one lemon
1/3 cup water (or more / less depending on consistency)
½ tbsp maple syrup
Garlic powder & salt to taste


Cook your favorite pasta according to instructions and then immediately rinse under cold water.

Make the dressing:
Mix: tahini, lemon, water, maple syrup, garlic powder & salt to taste

For the salad:
Add cooked Veggie Penne Pasta and the vegetables. Pour in the tahini dressing, give it a good toss & enjoy!

* This is great for meal prep bc it will last in the fridge for days, just give it a good mix or add a touch more of dressing if needed!

Servings: 4