Build a Better Veggie Burger with Quinoa

Lentil and Mushroom Quinoa Burgers


As the summer season winds down, so do the backyard barbecues and al fresco dinner parties – but don’t put that grill away just yet! Celebrate the final days of August and summertime by enjoying one of our favorite warm-weather pastimes: a hearty and flavorful veggie burger, preferably eaten outdoors and in good company. Build a better veggie burger with quinoa (which helps to create an ideal texture, and adds a dose of plant-based protein) and toast to yet another incredible summer.

Lentil and Mushroom Quinoa Burgers, Fit and Frugal for Ancient Harvest (pictured)

If you’re looking for a veggie burger that packs a major protein punch, look no further than this tasty recipe. It’s got both Ancient Harvest quinoa and quinoa flakes, chopped walnuts, and green or brown lentils – as well as delicious vegetables like mashed sweet potato, grated carrots, and baby portabella mushrooms. Top with your favorite condiments, and dinner is served.

Cheezy Broccoli Quinoa Burgers, Simply Quinoa

Don’t let the name fool you; these “cheezy” burgers don’t actually contain cheese. Instead, they get their flavor from half a cup of nutritional yeast – which really helps to enhance the broccoli, chickpeas and quinoa that make up the bulk of the patty. Enjoy it on your favorite gluten-free bun, or use it to top a simple green salad.

Spicy Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers with Avocado-Cilantro Crema and Sprouts, Ambitious Kitchen

The name is a mouthful, and so is the burger. Mashed sweet potato, black beans and quinoa create a fantastic texture while spicy Cajun seasoning, cumin, fresh jalapeno, garlic, cilantro and other seasonings make this a veggie burger for the books. Don’t skip the cool and creamy avocado-cilantro crema.

Thai Quinoa Burgers, Produce on Parade

Looking for a veggie burger that offers something new? Try this one, full of exotic Eastern flair. Thai red curry paste, chopped snow peas and cilantro, fresh ginger and other ingredients turn an otherwise familiar combination of chickpeas and quinoa into a delightfully unexpected dish. Just remember to use gluten-free soy sauce and oats to keep it gluten-free.

Mediterranean Quinoa Burgers, Well Plated

Inspired by a different part of the globe, these quinoa-filled patties are topped with a fresh and flavorful salad of cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives and herbs. The burgers themselves have got quinoa, chickpeas, gluten-free oats, feta cheese – and even more fragrant summer herbs.

Smoky Black Bean Beet Burgers, Minimalist Baker

Sweet, earthy beets have the ability to fancy up just about any dish – and these smoky, hearty burgers are no exception. Chili powder, cumin and smoked paprika create a unique flavor while chopped mushrooms, black beans, walnuts and quinoa provide a meaty texture that holds together beautifully.

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