Cold Quinoa Recipes to Beat the Heat


Photo courtesy of SheKnows.com

Proving its incredible versatility once again, our favorite gluten-free ancient grain has been popping up in chilled recipes that are perfect for these hot, final days of summer. From refrigerated salads to frozen treats, these cold quinoa recipes are sure to tempt, satisfy and cool you down this August.

Quinoa Breakfast Smoothie Freezer Pops, SheKnows

So you already knew you could add quinoa to a smoothie – so why not take things a step further and freeze that smoothie into popsicle form? This recipe features peak-season cherries and blueberries, vanilla yogurt, orange – and, of course, cooked quinoa for delicious nutrition.

Heirloom Tomato and Quinoa Gazpacho, Midwest Vaygun

Tomato season’s not over just yet – and what better way to celebrate it than by whipping up a classic summer gazpacho? This chilled soup is packed with vibrant garden flavor thanks to the heirloom tomatoes, roasted peppers and fresh herbs. Meanwhile, the addition of quinoa provides the dish with some great texture and plant-based protein.


Photo courtesy of WendyPolisi.com

Avocado Lime Quinoa Salsa, Wendy Polisi

Who doesn’t love a cool, flavorful salsa on a hot summer’s day? By adding quinoa, this recipe elevates the beloved party snack to main course status – but, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your favorite gluten-free tortilla chips.

Java Quinoa Smoothie, Wendy Polisi

What if you could combine your morning cup of coffee, cereal and smoothie into one refreshing and flavorful drink? That’s exactly what this genius recipe does! The frosty beverage is packed with nutritious ingredients like chopped banana, quinoa flakes, ground flaxseeds and almond milk – as well as a cup of coffee, to kick-start your morning.

Chilled Quinoa-Cranberry Salad, Thrive to Live

This recipe is described as a classic chicken salad, but with hearty quinoa instead of chicken. The result is a delicious and nutritious alternative filled with the delightful flavors of cranberries, almonds and pickles. Use it as a sandwich filling, or enjoy it alone on a hot summer’s day.


Photo courtesy of SkinnyMs.com

Quinoa Peanut Butter Fudgesicles, Skinny Ms.

A popular order at ice cream trucks across the country, Fudgesicles are delicious – but not necessarily the most nutritious of warm-weather treats. This recipe changes that by using cooked and chilled quinoa, crunchy peanut butter and lite coconut milk to create a modern, plant-based twist on a classic dessert.

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