Cold-Weather Fitness Tips

Cold-Weather Fitness Tips

With cold mornings and dark evenings, it can be easy to fall into a workout rut during the winter months. But it’s also a great time to change it up and add variety to your workout routine, which makes your body adapt (preventing plateau) and keeps your mind engaged. Here are 5 ways to keep your winter fitness on point, despite the dark mornings!

1. Consistency is Key

Spoken so often, it’s almost ignored now, this phrase is so ubiquitous because it’s true and fundamental to developing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. So no matter what, make sure to stay active for at least 30 minutes every day, even on the chilliest, busiest of days. Remember, it’s not just about weight training and cardio. Building a snowman, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking and chopping wood lumberjack-style all count as activity.

2. Eat Beneficial Carbs

Winter can trigger cravings for carbs—it’s a simple fact about our bodies. But instead of satisfying these cravings with sweet or fatty carbs, keep to the complex ones that pack in fiber and other nutrients. Fortunately, Ancient Harvest™ products and POW! Pasta™ boast a balanced amount of carbs and protein, so you can keep those cravings at bay and score some major nutrition points.

3. Snow Problem? More like no problem.

Fresh snow kill your running plans? Not anymore! Use the powder to your advantage—running on uneven surfaces burns more calories and improves agility. Be sure to invest in shoes with deep treads, take shorter strides and avoid running on slick, iced-over snow; it’s best to run after a fresh snowfall.

4. Try New Gym Classes

If you usually take your workout outside, now’s a perfect opportunity to try those classes you’ve been wanting to check out at your gym. Yoga, HIIT, Zumba, cardio, weight training, CrossFit, Pilates, barre—the options are wildly diverse, surprisingly fun and torch tons of calories.

Oh, and make sure to refuel the right way – with ancient grains, fresh produce and just a few simple ingredients, like these recipes on Pinterest!

5. Stay at Home

Too cozy to leave the house? Snowed in? Not enough time to get to the gym? No sweat. There are thousands and thousands of quick circuits, HIIT routines, clever exercises and endless workout ideas out there, most including little or no equipment.