Culinary Ancient Grains Give Classic Rice Dishes a Makeover


In four delicious and easy-to-make varieties, Ancient Harvest Culinary Ancient Grains are ready to kick gluten-free flavor up a notch. They’re great simply prepared and served alongside your protein and veggie of choice – but really, why stop there?

To show you how delightfully versatile our Culinary Ancient Grains can be, we’ve got some recipes and tips to boost your favorite classic rice dishes with the flavor and nutrition of gluten-free ancient grains.


Culinary Ancient Grains Sea Salt & Herb
Perhaps the most versatile of all four varieties, Sea Salt & Herb can be used in so many ways: Top it with a simple stir-fry, add it to a soup or stew, or use it as a basic side to enhance a savory meal.

This Brown Rice and Summer Vegetable Casserole with Feta and Black Olives from A Cookbook Obsession would also be wonderful with our Sea Salt & Herb Culinary Ancient Grains. The Mediterranean flavors and fresh vegetables would pair beautifully with the vibrant herbs in our hearty blend of quinoa, amaranth and millet.

On the other hand, this variety would work just as well in a fragrant fried rice dish. Try it in this Scallop Fried Rice with XO Sauce and Crispy Garlic from The Woks of Life.


Culinary Ancient Grains Spanish Style
The rich, complex flavors in this blend of nutritious ancient grains are at once familiar and slightly exotic. This variety can be used in a number of ways, and is the perfect pick for when you want to dial flavor up a notch.

Use the tasty blend of gluten-free quinoa, amaranth and millet instead of rice in something like this Chicken and Rice Enchilada Casserole from Tina’s Chic Corner, where the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine all come together into one delicious bite.

Another option would be to make a classic paella packed full of superfood flair. This traditional recipe from Meal Maintenance provides a great starting point.


Culinary Ancient Grains Butter & Parmesan
Creamy and buttery, it’s hard to believe that this flavor is actually packed with whole grain, gluten-free nutrition that lets you feel good about indulging.

In this recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage Brown Butter from Everyday Feasts (pictured), a seasonal favorite is given a gourmet twist. Make it even better by swapping out the traditional Carnaroli rice with our flavorful blend of gluten-free ancient grains.

This Zucchini Tian from Recipe Tin Eats is similar to risotto, but it is baked without cream or butter. The recipe, which is actually one of Julia Child’s, calls for medium grain rice – but it would be absolutely fantastic with Butter & Parmesan Culinary Ancient Grains.


Culinary Ancient Grains Spicy Curry
The fourth flavor of our Culinary Ancient Grains, Spicy Curry is the perfect pick when you’re seeking a bit of heat. Serve it alongside your favorite spicy curry, or use it as an excuse to try something a little different.

Saag Paneer is a fresh and flavorful vegetarian Indian specialty, and it would be lovely paired with our Spicy Curry Culinary Ancient Grains. This recipe from the Curvy Carrot shows you how to make it yourself – and even how to make homemade paneer.

For an easier introduction to Indian cuisine, try this Chickpeas Vegetable Pilaf from The Veggie Indian. Using our Spicy Curry Culinary Ancient Grains will make the final result even more fragrant and flavorful.


Learn more about all four varieties of our Culinary Ancient Grains at AncientHarvest.com, and be sure to visit our recipes page for other mouthwatering ideas.