Easy, Plant-Powered Polenta Recipes


Our ready-made tubes of Ancient Harvest Polenta are great things to have on hand for when you want a tasty, nutritious meal that doesn’t take long to make. On an evening when you’re pressed for time and craving something fresh and savory, try one of these easy, plant-powered polenta recipes:

Grilled Polenta with Tomato Avocado Salad, Fit and Frugal for Ancient Harvest

The classic combination of fresh tomato and avocado is paired with grilled slices of Ancient Harvest Polenta and a zesty vinaigrette of lemon juice and balsamic vinaigrette to create a simple yet satisfying meal. Finish with minced fresh parsley and freshly cracked black pepper, and dinner is served.

Polenta with Swiss Chard and White Beans, The Kitchn

Made primarily with ingredients you probably already have, this recipe is perfect for a busy day. Slices of ready-made polenta are cooked until brown and crisp, and then topped with wilted Swiss chard, fresh garlic and cannellini beans (which add some plant-based protein.)

Baked Polenta Fries with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, Fit and Frugal for Ancient Harvest (pictured)

Looking for a fun side dish the whole family will love? These quick and easy polenta fries made with Ancient Harvest are a tasty (and naturally gluten-free) alternative to the potato variety. Consider them for your next barbecue or busy weeknight.

Curried Vegetable Polenta Kabobs, Naturally Ella for Ancient Harvest

Looking for a new way to prepare polenta? Cube and skewer it for a fun take on kabobs. We love the use of fresh vegetables in this dish, as well as the bold curry flavor. You also won’t want to skip the cool lime-yogurt dipping sauce, as it really helps to balance out the spice.

Artichoke, Mixed Greens and Quinoa Polenta Skillet, Fit and Frugal for Ancient Harvest

So you’ve baked and grilled polenta before, but have you ever scrambled it? Cubes of pre-made polenta are actually a wonderful addition to sautéed vegetables, as proven by this delicious recipe. Feel free to customize it according to whatever fresh produce you have available.

Avocado Polenta Toast Bites, Flora Foodie

Avocado toast is certainly having a moment, and we love this gluten-free take on the trend. Made with baked slices of ready-made polenta and mashed avocado, this tasty treat couldn’t be simpler to make. Top with ground harissa (or try another spice blend, like lemon pepper or taco seasoning) and enjoy.

For more tasty, gluten-free recipes, be sure to visit the recipes page at AncientHarvest.com.