Plant Power Up Your Life


Plant Power Your Life ecology rising sprout ancient grain quinoa

The feeling of empowerment is like a great fire being stoked giving off heat to all of those that are around you; it’s something that, in 2016, will propel you to get things done for you and others. But where do we find this energy?

One of the best ways to find energy is through the food you eat. Food is energy, and with the right amount of this energy, we can think, act and react at the speeds we know we are capable. Plant based food is a place to find this fuel to jump out of bed and win the day.

Easily create plant powered meals by starting with the main ingredient in your dish. Pasta is a staple that is easy to cook and top with your favorite proteins, veggies and sauces, and with protein-packed Ancient Harvest™ Red Lentil & Quinoa Pasta Rotelle, you’ll be taking your basic pasta up a few nutritional notches.

Another way to change up your meals and add some plant power is to replace your white rice  with cauliflower rice or Ancient Harvest™ Quinoa. If you’re feeling like you need something a little lighter, this is a great way to get even more veggies on your plate with the feel of rice.

If you like oatmeal in the morning, give your hot breakfast a powerful upgrade with Ancient Harvest™ Gluten-Free Hot Cereal. Packed with plant-protein from a generous helping of quinoa, your body will also love the gluten-free rolled oats, and hearty millet and amaranth.

For more inspiration on how to power up your life, check out The Ancient Harvest Guide To Plant-Powered Eating, filled with tips, ideas and recipes to inspire you to incorporate plant-powered ingredients into your daily meals.