Introducing Ancient Harvest Supergrain Mac & Cheese

12661247453_91c252acc5_bPictured: Skillet Mac and Cheese Pizza Style from Heather’s French Press

Here at Ancient Harvest, we understand that one of the biggest deterrents to choosing a gluten-free lifestyle is the fear that you will have to say good-bye to your favorite comfort foods. This is what motivated us to create our new Supergrain Mac & Cheese™, with a taste and texture to rival those of the traditional dish you loved as a child.

Ancient Harvest Supergrain Mac & Cheese comes in four delicious varieties: Mild Cheddar With Elbows, Sharp Cheddar With Shells, White Cheddar With Shells, and Mild Cheddar With Llamas (to celebrate the symbiotic relationship llamas have with the quinoa growing process in Bolivia – and because they’re just plain adorable!)

We’d love for you to try them all and let us know what you think. You can enjoy each of our Supergrain Mac & Cheese flavors on their own, or get creative by adding an extra ingredient or five. Check out how these food bloggers have elevated traditional mac and cheese to extraordinary heights; you may just be inspired to invent your own gourmet version:

Sweet Potato & Bacon Mac and Cheese by The Stay At Home Chef
Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese by The Live-In Kitchen
Skillet Mac and Cheese Pizza Style by Heather’s French Press
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese by Kim’s Healthy Eats
Avocado Mac & Cheese by Two Peas & Their Pod
Bourbon Braised Short Ribs with Honey and Fig Mac and Cheese by Girl Carnivore

… The opportunities are endless! Simply grab a box of your favorite Ancient Harvest Supergrain Mac & Cheese, follow the preparation instructions on the box, and add in whatever mix-ins your heart desires.

Already have a recipe for a killer mac & cheese? Be sure to enter it into our Great Ancient Grains Recipe Contest on Facebook. In honor of it being Celiac Disease Awareness Month, we will be featuring the winning recipe in our upcoming digital cookbook – and also giving away a bunch of Ancient Harvest products.