Kelly of Nosh and Nourish Talks Recipe Inspiration, Family and Avocados

We spoke with Kelly of Nosh and Nourish who focuses on living a happy and healthy lifestyle by finding ways to incorporate nourishing author-pic-sm (1)ingredients into recipes for her family without sacrificing delicious flavor. Kelly gave us the scoop on where she draws inspiration for her recipes, cooking and healthy lifestyle tips, and her favorite ingredients.


Q: How did you to become a food blogger and what inspired you to create Nosh and Nourish? 

After my daughter was born, I realized that I needed to show her how to live a happy, healthy life. I wanted her to grow to love her body and KNOW 100% that she is strong, beautiful and loved. I changed the way I ate and cooked, lost 50+ pounds, and gave her the best start I could. My blog was a way to reflect my newly foundpassion for whole, nourishing foods/cooking and a way to help others realize it doesn’t have to be hard, extravagant or time-consuming. I also discovered a passion for photography, which I think helps my blog and recipes stand out.


Q: You mention on your blog your desire to redefine your family’s eating habits and lifestyle over time to reflect healthier living. What tips can you give others looking to transform their lifestyles as well? 

  • Just start! As you begin eating more nourishing foods, your body will actually crave them.
  • Find healthy blogs to get recipe ideas from and start experimenting to see what foods you like best. A few of my favorites: mine of course, With Food and Love, Minimalist Baker, Fit Foodie Finds and Oh She Glows.
  • Buy whole foods and stock your kitchen with healthy ingredients. If you don’t buy junk, you won’t eat junk.
  • Focus on a 90/10 lifestyle. Eat healthy 90% of the time and leave a little wiggle room to treat yourself every once in awhile.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. I recently bought swiss chard and lentils for the first time, and discovered I loved them both!


Q: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new recipes? 

I like adding in nourishing ingredients to meals that normally don’t include any, like chickpeas in cornbread, quinoa in brownies, kale in chicken soup, sweet potatoes in pecan pie, etc.  I literally hated cooking until I was 30. I discovered I didn’t like following recipes because I’d always be missing one or two (important) ingredients. Instead I’d rather just look in the cupboard and fridge to see what I have on hand, and whip up something incredible on the fly. In doing this, I realized I was pretty darn good at creating recipes from scratch!! My recipes are truly unique, nourishing and delicious!


Q: What is one nourishing ingredient you love right now and what is your favorite way to incorporate it into a meal? 

peach-guac-aboveI can’t get enough avocados lately! The healthy fat is uber nourishing for your body and helps you feel satisfied and full longer! I love avocado in this simple peach guacamole, in this beautiful spring greens salad (with quinoa!), atop any sort of taco, and even schmeared on toast for a quick breakfast!


Q: What makes Ancient Harvest products a good fit for some of the recipes you create? 

I love quinoa.  It’s actually one of the superfoods in my upcoming cookbook (out on shelves March 2015)! I love that Ancient Harvest’s products are organic and non-GMO.


Q: What do you hope readers can take away from your blog?

That creating healthy, wholesome meals for your family… that they’ll actually like (and devour!) is completely doable.


About Kelly:

Kelly is the author, recipe creator, and food photographer behind the healthy living and cooking blog “Nosh and Nourish.” Struggling with her weight for her entire adult life, she finally decided life was too short to live perpetually unhappy. She has lost over 50 pounds, maintaining her “new normal” of veggie juices, smaller portions, and less sugar for almost two years. She incorporates nourishing super foods into every meal for her husband, adorable toddler, and herself (think quinoa, greek yogurt, chickpeas, kale, dark chocolate, etc.) and manages to keep everything tasting absolutely delicious!