Top Summer 2014 Food Trends

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Back at the beginning of the year, food critics and culinary experts all across the country weighed in on what they predicted to be this year’s biggest trends. From an increase in vegetarian options to healthier kids’ meals, the overwhelming theme appeared to be a more conscious focus on nutrition – which we at Ancient Harvest are all for!

Since then, many of these original predictions have come to fruition – and it’s wonderful to see this growing interest in healthy eating.

DiningIn.com, a popular online ordering website with its finger on the pulse of national dining trends, recently released its list of Top 11 Food Trends for Summer 2014 – and we were especially pleased to see two make the cut:


4. Ancient Grains

“The ancient grains have been sprouting up in restaurant menus for some time now, though this year, they’ll take center stage with full force.

… They’re filling, healthy, and extremely versatile, and are widely highlighted for their essential benefits as a good source of amino acids and high protein.”


8. Gluten Free

“The gluten-free diet is here to stay. Though gluten-free foods were originally aimed at those with dietary restrictions and celiac-related sensitivities, they’ve been adopted by many as a weight loss program, making their way into the National Restaurant Associations ‘What’s Hot in 2014.’”

These particular trends support earlier predictions made by the likes of Forbes Magazine: “Expect more ancient, super-nutritious grains such as quinoa and amaranth to pop up in dishes that might once have used wheat flour.”


If you’re curious about one or both of these trends, browse our line of organic, gluten-free products at AncientHarvest.com or in your local grocery store. Our Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pastas®, our four distinct flavors of Culinary Ancient Grains (which feature millet and amaranth, as well as quinoa) and our good, old-fashioned organic quinoa grains are all fantastic sources of gluten-free ancient grain nutrition.

Other food trends enjoying the spotlight this summer: Brazilian cuisine, contemporary Jewish delis, alcohol-infused desserts, coconut water, exotic meats, pizza-flatbread hybrids, ramen, Mediterranean spices and herbs, and citrus fruits.

Click here to read the full report by Dining In – and for culinary inspiration, be sure to visit our recipes page.