Plant-Powered, Gluten-Free Hanukkah Recipes

Plant-Powered, Gluten-Free Hanukkah Recipes

Those of you planning to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights probably already know that the holiday starts this weekend – and you’re probably already planning your menus of comforting, traditional Hanukkah foods. Before anything is set in stone, though, consider adding one (or all!) of these plant-powered and gluten-free Hanukkah recipes to the mix to add some color, nutrition and flavor to your celebration.

quinoapotatopancakesPhoto courtesy of Wendy Polisi

Quinoa Potato Pancakes, Wendy Polisi

What’s Hanukkah without a latke or two? The most traditional of Hanukkah treats gets a plant-powered boost from quinoa and shredded carrots in this fun, gluten-free twist on the original. Want to pack even more plants into those little patties? Try adding some shredded zucchini or beets as well.

05recipehealth-master675Photo courtesy of Andrew Scrivani for the New York Times

Quinoa and Carrot Kugel, New York Times

We love a hearty kugel this time of year, and it’s easy to swap the traditional noodles for our gluten-free Supergrain Pasta – but if you’re looking to up the nutrition even more, you’ll find how fun and flavorful it can be to add some extra veggies to the mix. We love this savory version made with quinoa carrots, and a pinch of crushed caraway seeds.

spaghetti-squash-apple-kugel-2-560x558Photo courtesy of Cara’s Cravings

Sweet Spaghetti Squash Kugel with Apples and Raisins, Cara’s Cravings

Sweet kugel more your speed? This simple recipe (it only calls for six ingredients) is naturally gluten-free, and seriously tasty. Sweetened with apples, raisins and coconut sugar, it’s a dessert-ready dish that you’ll feel good about enjoying.

img_8948Photo courtesy of Chana’s Art Room

Gluten-Free Sufganiyot, Chana’s Art Room

Nearly as ubiquitous as the potato pancake, sufganiyot (Jewish jelly donuts) are a must for many this time of year. This version is made gluten-free with brown rice flour, and also dairy-free thanks to non-dairy buttery spread and almond milk. Fill them with the real fruit preserve of your choice, and you’ve got an indulgent holiday treat.

Challah2Photo courtesy of The Heritage Cook

Gluten-Free Challah, The Heritage Cook

Another gluten-free take on a Jewish bakery staple, this challah is made with almond meal and rice flour. And while the recipe does take a bit of effort, you’ll find the results – a beautiful, golden loaf of braided bread with a slightly sweet flavor and delightful texture – to be well worth the work.


Dark Chocolate Quinoa Macaroons, Fit and Frugal for Ancient Harvest

Macaroons are one Hanukkah treat that’s almost always gluten-free, and a simple coconut version never goes out of style – but what if you chose to make them plant-based and added some Ancient Harvest Quinoa and dark chocolate for a superfood kick? You’d have a delicious, festive and nutritious holiday cookie, that’s what.

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