Plant-Powered, Gluten-Free Recipes Full of Fresh Spring Herbs

Green Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Penne Pasta™ Bake


The Ricotta Herb Muffins we shared on Facebook yesterday make the perfect savory, grab-and-go breakfast or snack – but what to eat the rest of the week? Try these plant-powered, gluten-free recipes full of fresh spring herbs to make delicious use of your leftover produce and ancient grains. They’re tasty, nutritious, and easy to throw together on even the busiest of days.

Green Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Penne Pasta™ Bake, Ashley at EdiblePerspective.com for Ancient Harvest (pictured)

This hearty and satisfying pasta bake puts a gluten-free, plant-powered spin on a classic comfort food. Our Green Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Penne is packed with plant-based protein, and the use of fresh garden herbs elevates this dish to something special. Toss a simple side salad while the dish is baking, and dinner is served – in just over half an hour.

Lemon Herb Vinaigrette, The Café Sucré Farine

Speaking of that simple side salad… This flavorful vinaigrette is just the thing to dress up leafy spring greens. The combination of lemon and herbs tastes both seasonal and timeless, and it’s so versatile that you just may want to put it on every salad you make.

Quinoa Crust “Flatbread” with Roasted Garlic & Fresh Basil, The Honour System

Sure, you could use all your leftover basil to make a classic pesto – but why not save some for this simple yet shockingly delicious gluten-free flatbread? The crust is made with tri-color quinoa (we recommend our Harmony Blend) and slathered with the most incredible roasted rosemary garlic puree. You’ll likely want to make this one again.

Greek Lemon and Quinoa Soup, The Taste Space

Got a rainy day ahead? Use it as an excuse to make this light yet flavorful soup. A vegan twist on a Greek Avgolemono, the broth is full of lemony goodness, tahini and white miso. Add some quinoa, fresh veggies and handfuls of leftover dill, and you’ve got a fantastic one-pot meal.

Spicy Quinoa Patties, Soup Addict

We’re big fans of quinoa in patty form, and this one – full of finely chopped chives, pepper and grated Gruyère – is a savory and spicy treat. Use gluten-free breadcrumbs and add whatever fresh herbs you have on hand to create a quick and tasty lunch or dinner.

Blueberry Basil Smoothie, Worth Cooking

If you’ve never tried adding fresh herbs to a smoothie, you’re missing out. This combination of in-season blueberries and basil is especially tasty, and the addition of hemp seeds gives it some plant-based protein. Want even more? We recommend adding a spoonful of Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes.

Another great thing to do with leftover fresh herbs is to freeze them in olive oil (see The Kitchn’s how-to) to be used later in the year, when they’re no longer in season. For even more cooking tips and delicious gluten-free recipes, be sure to visit the recipes page at AncientHarvest.com.