Put An Egg On It: Recipes For Ancient Grains

Spinach-Millet-with-Eggs-4Photo courtesy of Naturally Ella

Inspired by the popular Twitter hashtag #putaneggonit, we’ve been thinking lately about how delicious (not to mention nutritious) a well-cooked egg is atop some gluten-free ancient grains.

Quinoa is certainly no stranger to the egg; it’s easy to find fantastic recipes (ranging from the super-simple to more challenging) that include the two. Here are a few of our favorites:

Popped Quinoa and Cheesy Eggs, spabettie

As far as recipes go, this one couldn’t be easier: Pop cooked quinoa in a pan, crack a couple of eggs over it, top with cheese, and season to taste. This is a wonderful way to use leftover quinoa and it’s easily adaptable (consider adding an additional source of lean protein, or your favorite veggie), which makes it a true Modern Meal.

Veggie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl, Reclaiming Provincial

While the recipe has “breakfast” in the title, we can easily see ourselves eating this protein- and flavor-packed bowl at all hours of the day.

Quinoa Breakfast Hash Browns (With Eggs), A Beautiful Mess

Want a way to add some texture and nutrition to your morning hash browns? Add quinoa! This dish would be especially fantastic with our Ancient Harvest Tri-Color Grains Harmony Blend.

Quinoa & Egg Enchilada Skillet, Alaska From Scratch

Like a little spice in the morning? This recipe’s for you. It features enchilada sauce and grated cheese, black beans, cumin and fresh toppings like chopped cilantro, sliced avocado, and hot sauce – as well as delicious quinoa and eggs, of course. The recipe serves up to six, so it would be great for a weekend brunch with friends.

But let’s not let quinoa have all the fun! Our other favorite gluten-free ancient grains are equally delicious topped with eggs. For example:

Garlicky Spinach, Millet and Eggs, Naturally Ella (pictured)

If you’ve never had millet with eggs, you’re missing out – and this tasty yet easy recipe is a wonderful place to start. The combination of eggs, grains, spinach and hummus creates a lovely blend of flavor and textures.

Poached Eggs Over Garlic Butter Amaranth, Girl Makes Food

The creamy, porridge-like consistency of cooked amaranth lends itself beautifully to a morning meal – but, as this savory dish shows, the delicious seed can be just as tasty at dinnertime.

Baked Amaranth (With Eggs), Lady and Pups

In this recipe amaranth is elevated to new heights by the addition of cubed pancetta, fresh herbs and spices. Freshly grated nutmeg adds depth of flavor, while grated parmesan and golden egg yolks provide hearty a dose of decadence. Just as the blogger says: This may not be the prettiest dish, but it is surely the yummy-est.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of other delicious, gluten-free recipes featuring ancient grains at AncientHarvest.com.