4 Plant-Powered, Easy Peasy Weeknight Recipes

4 Plant-Powered, Easy Peasy Weeknight Recipes

It’s that time of year again, when work and school schedules are all filled up and meal-prep takes a backseat. By now you may be reacclimatized to the school-year schedule but it can definitely take some getting used to, and that shouldn’t mean that nutrition gets left by the wayside.

Luckily, Ancient Harvest™ Quinoa is here to help. We’ve put together a list of easy dinner recipes to whip up in a crunch. Though it already cooks quickly (about 20 minutes), if you’re really low on time, prepare the quinoa ahead of time and add it to meals on-the-go, as needed.

4 Quick and Nutritious Quinoa Recipes Perfect for Busy Weeknights
1. Quinoa Burrito Bowl

2. Crunchy Ginger Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

3. Vegan Quinoa Meatballs with Gluten-Free Spaghetti

4. Ginger Carrot Salad with Quinoa (pictured above)