Summer Fruits and Quinoa: The Perfect Combination


The season may be almost over, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy your favorite summer produce – and did you know that summer fruits and quinoa happen to make a delicious combination?

While it may be a bit more popular in savory dishes, quinoa works just as well paired with summer’s sweetest harvests. So grab a box of your favorite organic, gluten-free ancient grain and try one of these fresh and flavorful recipes:


Strawberry Quinoa Caprese Salad with Spicy Balsamic Vinaigrette, from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Who doesn’t love a classic caprese salad, right? And while the Italian staple works well to highlight the season’s ripe tomatoes, there’s no harm in switching things up every now and then… Swap the tomatoes for juicy strawberries, add some quinoa and a dash of cayenne, and you’ve got a beautiful and hearty summertime dish.


Kale, Apricot and Quinoa Salad, from Floating Kitchen

When dried, they’re a popular snack all year round – but if you’ve never had a fresh apricot, you’re missing out! This unique recipe wonderfully showcases the juicy stone fruit by mixing it with fresh kale, crunchy almonds, quinoa and a savory dressing.


Morning Quinoa Porridge with Fresh Figs, Star Anise and Cinnamon, from The Cheeky Vegan

We know we’re entering the later half of summer when we start to see fresh figs in our local farmers market. The sweet treats make the perfect topping to protein-packed quinoa porridge – an ideal breakfast to get you through a day of summer activities!


Grilled Peach, Avocado and Chicken Kale Quinoa Salad, from ifoodreal (pictured)

A sturdy base of quinoa and kale is layered with grilled avocados (the winner of our recent Superfoods Sidekick Showdown) and peaches, chicken breast, crumbled feta and a unique peach ginger dressing, making it hard to say which ingredient is the star of this show.


Red Cabbage Salad with Quinoa, Blueberries & Cinnamon Walnuts, from Karla’s Nordic Kitchen

A wonderful way to say goodbye to blueberry season, this salad boasts a complex flavor and vibrant colors. It would make a great addition to an end-of-summer barbecue or potluck – and is perfect with our award-winning Inca Red Quinoa.


Watermelon, Feta, Quinoa Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, from GI 365

Salty feta cheese and crisp, juicy watermelon really are a match made in summertime Heaven – and you’ll commonly see the pair on restaurant menus throughout the season. Turn the stylish side dish into a hearty, nutritious main by adding quinoa and a tangy vinaigrette. You won’t regret it!


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