Easy Pasta Sauce Recipes for the Ultimate Weeknight Meal

Photo courtesy of Divine Healthy Food

Nutritious, delicious, gluten-free and easy to cook in a hurry, Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pastas make a great go-to at the end of a busy weekday. And in about the time it takes to properly cook quinoa pasta, you could whip up one of these tasty and easy pasta sauce recipes:

Marinara Sauce, The Kitchn

A well-made marinara provides the perfect finishing touch to a bowl of al dente pasta – and while there are dozens of ways to dress it up, we love this recipe for its simplicity. There are also recommendations for making a fancier version, including adding a splash of red wine or balsamic vinegar.

Classic Basil Pesto, Cherished Bliss

You don’t need to wait until summer to make basil pesto, but be warned: The bright green color and vibrant flavor will have you dreaming of warmer temps. For the ultimate DIY meal, we recommend growing your own herbs – but even if you choose to use purchased leaves, you’re sure to be pleased with the results. And once you’ve mastered the classic, check out this list of 11 pesto varieties from Saveur Magazine.

Simple Alfredo Sauce, Grace and Good Eats

Creamy and indulgent, Alfredo sauce elevates pasta to “special occasion” status – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on an ordinary day! This quick and easy version is ready in mere minutes, and it pairs beautifully with additions like fresh veggies, grilled chicken or shrimp.

Looking for something lighter? Try this Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce from Leelalicious; it swaps out the heavy cream and cheese for pureed caramelized onions and cauliflower.

Puttanesca Sauce, The Curvy Carrot

Savory and complex, puttanesca is one full-flavored sauce – and also one that is surprisingly easy to make at home. All you need is anchovy paste, Kalamata olives, capers and a handful of other ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen. The result: an authentic, restaurant-quality Italian sauce.

Arrabiata Sauce, Divine Healthy Food (pictured)

Spice lovers, this one’s for you. Feel free to adjust the amount of crushed red pepper to your liking, and also the cooking time. The longer the sauce simmers, the richer its flavor will be – but if you’re pressed for time, you could always just dig in and save the spicier rest for leftovers.

To learn more about our Supergrain Pastas (including our brand-new Bean & Lentil Pastas) and find more great gluten-free recipes, be sure to visit AncientHarvest.com.