Pasta Night Inspired by Ancient Harvest

Photo and recipe by @juicingyourgreens

When it comes to having a delicious homemade pasta night, we’re constantly inspired by the unique creations from our Instagram friends! Of course, we won’t keep all this gluten-free goodness to ourselves – here are just a few of our favorite dishes featuring Ancient Harvest Supergrain and POW! Pasta. Check them out for ideas for your own cold-weather fuel, and don’t forget to share your creations with us by tagging @ancientharvest in your photos!

1. Simple tuna pasta by @amyseatss using our Supergrain Pasta™ Rotini.

2. Sneak in your veggies over a bowl of pasta like @ashleynaftalyfitness with our POW! Pasta™ Black Bean Elbows

3. Spicy, gluten-free spaghetti with avocado from @juicingyourgreens using our Supergrain Pasta™ Spaghetti (pictured above)

4. Classic fall comfort by @smalyeme in the form of Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pasta™ Elbows with pumpkin sauce, spinach and garlic chicken sausage.

5. Simple Veggie Pasta with Marina from @flora_and_vino using our POW! Red Lentil Rotini