Gluten-Free Baking With Winter Fruits

When you think of foods you like to eat in the wintertime, you probably think more of cozy dishes like casseroles, soups and stews – and less of fresh fruit. But seasonal fruit is quite bountiful during cold months, and easy to add into everything from light salads to hot cereals to festive desserts.

Here are just some of the ways we’re looking to incorporate delicious winter fruits into our gluten-free baking this season:

blood-orange-almond-flour-cake-2Photo courtesy of Simply Quinoa

Blood Orange & Almond Flour Cake, Simply Quinoa

Beloved for its brilliant color and bright, citrusy flavor, the blood orange is a darling of the winter fruit world. And before its (sadly short) season ends, we recommend trying this gluten-free cake, made with a combination of almond, millet and quinoa flours.


Apple Pear Quinoa Bake, Edible Perspective for Ancient Harvest

Who doesn’t love apples and pears this time of year? This delicious bake, suitable for either breakfast or dessert, celebrates the season with sweet, fruity flavor and nutritious ingredients like Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes and Harmony Blend Quinoa.

MG_9540Photo courtesy of La Tartine Gourmande

Apple and Pumpkin Upside Down Cake, La Tartine Gourmande

Another recipe for all you apple lovers out there, this pretty cake would be perfect to serve at a holiday dinner party. Presentation aside, it’s packed with fall and winter flavors (think warming spices, heirloom apples and pumpkin puree) as well as nutritious additions like hearty quinoa flour.

gluten-free-pomegranate-brownies-1Photo courtesy of With Food and Love

Pomegranate Brownies with Cacao Nibs & Sea Salt, With Food and Love

Made with gluten-free flour and natural cacao powder, these decadent brownies offer an ideal fudgy consistency – and the chocolate-y flavor is beautifully enhanced by tart pomegranate seeds (at peak season this time of year) and a dash of sea salt.

Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon GourmetPhoto courtesy of The Bojon Gourmet

Two-Persimmon Layer Cake with Vanilla, The Bojon Gourmet

Looking for a show-stopper of a dessert that’ll wow your guests? This one’s it. Made gluten-free with almond, oat, millet and sweet rice flours, this cake is sweetened with real vanilla and persimmon puree – and then finished with cream cheese frosting and cubes of ripe, juicy persimmons.

recipe_gluten-free-grapefruit-cake_500x750Photo courtesy of Saveur

Gluten-Free Grapefruit and Orange Olive Oil Cake, Saveur

Most citrus is readily available throughout the winter months, and this dense and delicious cake is a great way to showcase that. Enjoy a slice with your afternoon tea, or serve it for dessert sprinkled with slivered almonds and homemade citrus syrup (recipe included.)

For more great gluten-free recipes that celebrate the season, check out the recipes page at AncientHarvest.com.