Goodbye Gluten

celiace disease awareness month mayIn May, Celiac Awareness Month raises awareness about celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease which damages the small intestine- an immune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. In addition to people with Celiac Disease, there are also a large number of people that are sensitive to gluten and therefore avoid it in their diets.

Gluten can be found in a range of products, but Ancient Harvest is happy to say that our products are completely gluten-free, without sacrificing on flavor. We know how hard it is for those who battle with this on a daily basis, which is why we are happy to be able to offer a wide range of products that the whole family can enjoy.

We produce and pack all of our products in accordance with gluten-free standards, and all of our corn-quinoa pasta varieties are certified gluten-free and produced in gluten-free facilities. We can breathe easy knowing that these products are delicious and also safe to eat for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Here are some more resources on Celiac Disease and Celiac Awareness Month that might be helpful if you’re interested in learning more about this disease:




Grab a box of your favorite Ancient Harvest product and whip up your favorite gluten-free recipe to celebrate this month of health with us. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest for even more recipe inspiration for the whole family.