Introducing Ancient Harvest’s New Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese


Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, you’re probably familiar with Ancient Harvest Supergrain Mac & Cheese – that creamy, cozy comfort food that’s full of cheesy goodness but none of the gluten. But did you know that we’ve recently gone a step further to offer three new varieties of deliciously gluten-free mac and cheese that not only feature the ancient grain nutrition of quinoa but the plant-powered protein of lentils as well?

With the taste and texture of traditional mac plus a whopping 16g of protein in every serving, our new flavors of Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese have got both the taste you crave and the nutrition your body needs. One bite, and you may never go back.

Mild Cheddar Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese

This one’s for the purist – or, rather, the purist looking to add some nutritional heft to a classic dish. It features our new elbow-shaped pasta, made from a blend of protein-packed quinoa and red lentils, covered in the rich, creamy mild cheddar cheese sauce of your dreams.

Sharp Cheddar Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese

Looking for a little more edge? We hear you – and our answer is this cheesy blend of gluten-free pasta and sharp cheddar cheese sauce. Add your own ingredients like fresh, seasonal veggies to make it a supercharged meal or let it stand alone as a deliciously gluten-free indulgence – one that just so happens to pack a punch of nutrition.

White Cheddar Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese

A slightly sophisticated take on traditional mac & cheese, our new white cheddar version adds some gourmet flair to creamy comfort. And the flavorful, gluten-free mac is not just grown-up in taste; it’s also got a full-grown amount of plant-based nutrition, with 16g of protein and 7g of fiber in every delicious bowl.

Learn more about new Lentil & Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese as well as our other gluten-free products today at AncientHarvest.com.