Quinoa, Quinoa Everywhere

best quinoa recipes

Summer brings with it longer and warmer days, filled with outdoor fun and adventure. What better way to fuel your next adventure than by adding some wholesome quinoa to your summer meals. We’ve come up with a list of ways to add protein-packed quinoa to your diet at breakfast, with tasty snacks, and throughout the whole day.

Kicking It Up With Quinoa:

1. Add it to a salad and make it a meal. Thinking of preparing a colorful, veggie based dish? Add some cooked quinoa for a heartier dish with a punch of protein, like this Dirty Quinoa with Chicken.
2. Blend it into your breakfast smoothie. This may sound a little strange, but we think you will love it, quinoa is a great addition to your morning meal, and it is sure to keep you fueled for all of the day’s challenges.
3. Fill your wrap with it. If you’re craving a veggie and hummus filled tortilla, add some quinoa for a nutty and filling favorite.
4. Have it for dessert. When it’s time for a little bit of sweet, give this recipe for Peanut Butter Buckeyes with Popped Quinoa a try.