Top 5 Ways To Celebrate The First Day Of Summer

first day of summer solsticeMonday, June 20th is the official first day of summer. Though you may have gotten your warm weather season started early, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this day, and we’ve got some ideas to get you started.

  1. Go for a hike. There are so many great trails to follow, and maybe some you’ve never thought of. Check out NationalParks.org for some local paths into nature near you.
  2. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Grab a cup of coffee, a muffin, and maybe a friend, and pick a spot to start the day early for a serene start to summer.
  3. Mix up some summer inspired post-work drinks. Chances are your favorite summer fruits can also makes a refreshing beverage. Experiment with some new flavors and keep it cool with plenty of ice.
  4. Grab a good beach-read. Summer is the perfect excuse to lay out a blanket in the grass or the sand and dive into a new book.
  5. Grab some friends and try something new. If you’ve been thinking of trying the new restaurant down the street, or crafting something homemade, do it with friends and start your summer off with new adventures.