Relationship Status: Food That Loves You Back

healthy food that supports well-balanced nutrition

So you’re a self-proclaimed foodie. Or maybe you just admire the food photography on Instagram from your phone. Or maybe you just love flavorful, delicious, mouth watering foods. Regardless of your relationship status with food, it’s easy to forget that it’s a two way street, and that food you love should love you back.

So how do you find the right relationship with food? One with a food that your taste buds will love, but also one that will love your body in return. By starting with staples that are delicious, filling and nutritious, because that’s what you and your body deserve.

In terms of grains that are hearty and also contain protein, look no further than quinoa. Its nutty and kind-of-crunchy attributes make it an incredible base for many culinary creations, like a bowl with roasted veggies, curry and some chopped peanuts. Or how about a warm cup of quinoa cereal with crunchy apples, cinnamon and a hint of maple syrup? It is a grain-of-all-trades and can be sweetened up or paired with some savory goodness.

Another staple that you don’t have to feel guilty about is Red Lentil & Quinoa Pasta. This isn’t your regular noodle; it has the same taste and texture of its traditional cousin, but it’s packed with protein and fiber making it a food that will love you back. In the past, pasta has gotten a bad rap for its nutritional shortcomings, but not this one. It’s a worthy counterpart to any color veggie you choose to marry it with.

No need to shy away from your love affair with delicious food when it’s giving back to you at the same time, and that’s why we’re really digging these protein-filled, hearty staples from Ancient Harvest.