Fool Your Friends With Sneaky April Fool’s Day Recipes

cerealPhoto courtesy of The Kitchn

Spring has sprung, and everyone’s ready for what the season brings: fresh flowers, dining al fresco, farmers markets… But first, let’s take a moment to honor the first day of April, and that sneaky little holiday that encourages mischief and fun. Each of these delightful April Fool’s Day recipes is a delicious way to surprise anyone you invite to the dinner table.

Fruity Sushi, Taste of Home

These faux sushi rolls use a combination of crisp rice cereal and candy to create a colorful, sweet snack. They’re especially great for children, whose developing taste buds may not yet be ready for a real spicy tuna roll.

“Bowl of Cereal”, The Kitchn (pictured)

What looks like a typical breakfast is actually a savory cauliflower soup with garam masala-spiced toasted-Os cereal. The “pseudo-Indian” trick topping also makes a tasty snack on its own – and you can use any type of O-shaped cereal you like; just grab a box of your favorite gluten-free brand.

Strawberry Jam Tart, Rachael Ray Magazine

Is it just us, or does this strawberry jam tart look remarkably like a pizza topped with fresh mozzarella and basil? Simply puree the strawberries until smooth to resemble tomato sauce, and use fresh mint in place of the basil for a lovely springtime twist. Also consider making your own Gluten-Free Puff Pastry with this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

April Fool’s Day Fooled Ya French Fries, Food.com

These look like real French fries, don’t they? It’s amazing what you can do with a few peeled apples (yes, apples!) and a crinkle cutter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and serve alongside a sweet “ketchup” of strawberry preserves.

Turkey Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash, Delish

Sure, we all love spaghetti squash – but it’s just now occurring to us that the vegetable is the perfect thing to serve on April Fool’s Day. It’s a tasty, nutritious and naturally gluten-free alternative to spaghetti that really can look just like the real thing.

Birthday Meatloaf “Cake”, Martha Stewart

If you have a birthday to celebrate around this time of year, we definitely recommend making this surprisingly savory cake of meatloaf and mashed potato “frosting.” You could even try making this vegan/vegetarian-friendly by forming this protein-packed Vegetarian Quinoa Lentil Loaf into an eye-catching cake.

For more gluten-free recipes to take you through spring and beyond, be sure to visit the recipes page at AncientHarvest.com.