Air Fryer Vegan Pizza Bites

Enjoy this Ai Fryer Vegan Pizza Bites by @theblanacedwhisk. We used Ancient Harvest Basil Polenta to make this dish.

Air Fryer Polenta Chips

Your new favorite vessel for your summer dips: Air Fryer Polenta Chips! Get the recipe by @frozen_bananas_ below.

Polenta French Toast

Get creative with pantry staples! Our heat-and-eat polenta is reimagined into French Toast with this recipe by @stelleandcobakes.

Air Fryer Polenta Fries

Fry up these polenta fries in no time with this air fryer recipe by @realfoodwithgratitude.

Savory Polenta & Cilantro Bites

Look no further for a quick, fun and wow-worthy appetizer for your next summer get together. Try these Savory Polenta and Cilantro bites by @cookilicious. These tasty bites are stuffed with cilantro, coconut and a whole lot of flavor.

Grilled Polenta Kabobs

Fire up the grill for this new take on veggie kabobs. These Grilled Polenta Kabobs by @veggielexi are a cinch to make and add colorful and delicious texture to your backyard barbecue this summer thanks to Ancient Harvest Heat-and-Eat Polenta.

Mojo Verde Polenta Bites

Step outside the box with this fresh holiday appetizer by @lindseyeatsla! Ancient Harvest Heat-and-Eat Polenta is cooked in rounds and plated up with prosciutto, burrata and a homemade green mojo verde that is begging to be served at your next holiday party.

Polenta Sage Stuffing

Get all of the deliciousness you love in a holiday stuffing recipe, with this all-natural, gluten-free stuffing by @bubblechildcook. See how Erica’s grandmother’s traditional stuffing gets a nutritious update with Ancient Harvest Heat-and-Eat Polenta and try it out for your next holiday meal.