Toasted Quinoa

Toasting your quinoa before cooking it brings a nice nutty flavor to it. You may be surprised by the depth of flavor and delightful texture this simple step can add to your favorite gluten-free ancient grain. Whether it’s part of the process or the entire cooking method, toasting can turn your quinoa into a brand-new […]

Quinoa Tortillas

Enjoy this quinoa tortilla recipe that is packed with protein and fiber! This was created by Elisabeth Michaels @zazachef_cook.eat.repeat These tortillas are so good and so easy to make. Soaking the quinoa helps remove the nutty taste of the quinoa. It actually doesn’t even taste that much like quinoa. Add any toppings you want, here […]

Mexican Quinoa Salad

A fun twist on a Mexican pasta salad that has more protein and fiber! This was created by Emily at @wonderwhyimfat. You can check out the recipe here!

Easy and Budget Friendly Quinoa Salad

This is a fast, easy and affordable way to add protein and fiber to diet. This was created by Kerrie at @goglitchdeals. You can check out the recipe here!

Chocolate Quinoa Bites

Enjoy these high-protein and fiber-rich snacks that are chocolatey and delicious! Created by Mandy at @cheatdayeachday. Check out her recipe here!

Fast and Easy Summer Bowl

Enjoy this fast and easy summer quinoa bowl that is super versatile! Add whatever ingredients that you have in the fridge. This recipe is great because it’s healthier than rice and it’s full of protein and fiber and super filling! Created by Faith at @actualfoodie.

Roasted Beet + Orange Quinoa Salad

Enjoy this Roasted Beet + Orange Quinoa Salad created by Jenna at @jennaliveswell. This recipe includes our USA Grown Traditional Quinoa.