Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo

Enjoy this pasta dish @eatsbyaustin. For this recipe we used Ancient Harvest Plant-Based Protein Green Lentil Penne Pasta.

Vegan Pasta Bake

Enjoy this pasta dish @fit_n_clean_mama. This dish was made with Ancient Harvest Plant-Based Protein Green Lentil Penne Pasta.

Pesto Penne with Veggies

This super quick and easy pasta dish is sure to be a Spring and Summer favorite. Best part? The leftovers are just good as the first day you make it. Recipe by @healthygffamily.

1-Pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta with Kale

When you’re getting ready to serve dinner to the family, how much nicer is it when you only have a few pans to clean? Well, this gluten-free pasta recipe will leave you with just one pot to rinse out! A nutritious, one pot dinner? Yes, please! This cheesy chicken pasta recipe sneaks in hearty kale […]

Creamy Tomato Rosé Sauce with Protein Penne Pasta

There are vodka sauces and red wine sauces, and now there’s a creamy tomato pasta sauce that’s made with the light and delicious flavor of rosé! Stir in Ancient Harvest Plant-based Protein Green Lentil Penne Pasta for up to 25g of plant-based protein per serving, and make it an even more protein-packed meal with a […]

Chicken Fajita Pasta with Protein-Packed Noodles

Taco night, meet pasta night. When a recipe is this simple and delicious, it can often make a regular appearance on your dinner table. Easily switch up the flavor by stirring in sliced zucchini or black beans, even top with avocado and diced tomatoes! And if you’re running short on time, you can skip the […]